Our “First Love” Story Slam is July 15th!

LVSS_firstloveWas your first love amazing or a disaster?

We’re looking for the best stories on the theme “First Love!” Join us at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar on Wednesday, July 15th to hear stories of your true romance and how it ignited or fizzled. The Story Slam begins promptly at 8pm and you can reserve your seats by clicking HERE.

What are some ideas on the theme of “First Love?” Obviously, we’d like to hear stories about your first kiss or your first romantic encounter. Perhaps this was a high school romance or a summer fling. Is your first love now your spouse or significant other? The idea of “First Love” can be extended though – maybe your grandparent’s beach house was your first love, or maybe your pet dog was a first love, We love people, places, and things. Maybe you developed a crush on a rock ‘n roll star or an actor and started stalking them? Were you struck by cupid’s arrow and admired someone from afar but were afraid to act? Who hasn’t approached someone they have a crush on only to be rejected.

Mark the date of July 15th and reserve your seats now. Bring your current love, even if they aren’t your first love, and make a night of it with dinner and a Story Slam at Red Stag Pub. Maybe you can surprise them with a story! We hope to see you there.

Looking for some inspiration? Listen to this funny story by Terry Heyman.


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