Our September 21st Story Slam is “Transformation!”

Save the date and join us on Wednesday, September 21st for our “Transformation” Story Slam! Our Story Slam is being held at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar in historic Bethlehem, PA. Grab your tickets now by clicking HERE.

What does the theme “Transformation” stand for?

We want to hear your story of how you came to be the person you are. What was the most transformative moment in your life? Was your identity altered by an amazing opportunity or perhaps by a tragedy? Did you learn a truth about yourself at summer camp or while away on vacation? Did the death of a loved one alter your course in life? Maybe the birth of a loved one set you on an unexpected journey. Was there a moment you realized you just had to come out to your family? Perhaps you quit your job to follow your passion and have been transformed in the process. Transformations can happen in many different places – in Times Square, a Buddhist Monastery, on the Appalachian Trail, etc. Where did your transformation occur?

If you have not been to a Story Slam before you just may find it is transformative! Join us on Wednesday, September 21st.

Here is one of our favorite stories that would fit under the theme of Transformation.

Ken Karnas Wins our May Story Slam!

lvmaywinnerStories told at our May slam were some of the best ever.  The theme was “Gratitude” and Ken Karnas, who is a teacher, writer and storyteller was our winner.  He told a heartwarming story about one of his students that affected his life and became his mentor in all that is good.  We at the Lehigh Valley Story Slam wand to express our “Gratitude” to all who came out and supported us.
We are taking the summer off but please visit our web site and Facebook for updates.  Our next Story Slam will be September 21 and the themes is “Transformation”.  Please come and we hope to see you there.
You can watch Ken’s winning story here.

Our May 18th Story Slam is “Gratitude!”


Join us on Wednesday, May 18th for our “Gratitude” Story Slam! Our Story Slam will be held at 8pm on the second floor of the Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar in historic Bethlehem, PA. Reserve your seats now by clicking HERE.

What type stories are we looking for?

We want to hear stories where people express their appreciation for things in life. Big things. Little things. Who are you thankful for? What are you thankful for? Have you been pulled through a difficult time by a generous friend or family member? Perhaps a stranger saved your life? Do you have memories of learning about gratitude from when you were a child? Perhaps you thought you were toiling in your job without any rewards when someone expressed the smallest bit of gratitude towards you? Think of your gratitude stories and come on out!

We hope to see you Wednesday, May 18th at Red Stag Pub. Maybe give your mom tickets for Mother’s Day and then tell a story about her! Please reserve your seats by clicking HERE.

Maya Shustik wins our “Heroes” Story Slam!

lvaprilmayaCongratulations to Maya Shustik, winner of our April  Lehigh Valley Story Slam, which was themed “Heroes!” Maya is a student at Moravian Academy and told a wonderful story about her Grandfather, her hero. Among Maya’s many talents is that she is a dancer and now as we all know, a great teller of stories.  Congratulations again Maya and we will see her at our Grand Slam in November.

Our next Story Slam will be held at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub on Wednesday, May 18th and the theme is “Gratitude!” Purchase your tickets and if you would like to tell a story, sign up upon arrival. Reserve your seats by clicking HERE.

Here is Maya’s winning story.



Our “Heroes” Story Slam is April 20th!

Be a hero and come tell a story at our “Heroes” Story Slam!

Our “Heroes” Story Slam will be held on Wednesday, April 20th at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar in Bethlehem, PA. We start telling stories at 8pm, but come early for the best seats and to order a pint and food! Tickets can be ordered HERE.

What type of stories constitute a “Heroes” Story? We want to hear stories about people who have been heroes to you, or maybe tell us about the one time you felt like a true hero! Did you ever meet a Super Hero? We’ve all seen moments where someone goes above and beyond, builds something amazing, or generates an act of kindness that spreads across the globe. Was your mom your hero? Your dad? Tell us your “Heroes” story!

Of course, you don’t have to tell a story to attend. We want listeners also! Be sure to save the date and order your tickets now.

For inspiration, here is a story from Steve Clark to get you thinking about your “Heroes” Story!



Our “Celebration” Slam is March 9th!

lvssmarchOur March 9th Story Slam is themed “Celebration!” Come out and tell your celebratory story live onstage! Tickets are available by clicking HERE. What do we mean by “Celebration” stories?

We want to hear stories about those times you celebrated a special moment in your life, or maybe times you overcame a tragedy and learned to celebrate life. Tell us as about the celebration that went awry – maybe your bachelor’s party or wedding shower – where things went totally wrong. We celebrate big things and we celebrate small things – do you celebrate birthdays in fun ways? Come celebrate – and maybe even tell your story!

Our “Celebrate” Story Slam is Wednesday, March 9th. We start hearing stories at 8pm, so arrive at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar early to get the best seats. Order your tickets HERE.

Still want to see what a “Celebration” story could look like? Check out Luanne Sims telling a classic birthday party story below.

Matt Ackerman wins “Loving” Slam!

2016lvfebackermanCongratulations to Matt Ackerman, the winner of  our “Loving” Story Slam! Matt told a heartfelt story about his Grandmother to win the prize. He was part of the Lafayette College class who participated in a storytelling workshop as part of their class work before attending our Story Slam.

Thanks to everyone who told a story, our judges and all those who came out in the audience to cheer our storytellers on. Our next Story Slam is themed “Celebrate” and will be held on Wednesday, March 9th at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar in Historic Bethlehem, PA. Reserve your seats by clicking HERE.

We hope to have video of Matt’s story up soon so check back. You can watch videos of other stories at the Lehigh Valley Story Slam YouTube channel.