Steve wins “Embarrassing Moments” Story Slam!

11062750_277940289047796_2998421068792091689_nSteve won our “Embarrassing Moments” Story Slam with his story of an embarrassing first kiss while on a carnival ride. Steve took home the “tacky trophy” and has earned a slot in our Grand Slam, where this year’s winning storytellers will compete for the title of Best Storyteller in the Lehigh Valley.

We heard some truly embarrassing stories on the night. Stories about haircut jokes, comedy Christmas cards being seen by the wrong people, being navigated towards adult diapers in Walgreeen’s, and asking terrible questions during an interview with a television news legend.

If you want to be a part of the fun, reserve your seat for our July 15th Story Slam, which is themed “First Love.” Order your tickets HERE.

Steve’s winning story is posted below. Other stories will be posted on the Lehigh Valley Story Slam YouTube channel soon so check back!

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