Why we do What we Do!

I Believe

I believe that this is a wonderful world and time we live in, But Media, Politics and events may depict our challenges and amplify our differences to the point of polarization. but I believe that there are more positive things in this life then negative and we definitely have more things in common with each other than what is different.

If we can find a tool that would allow us to communicate with both people we agree with and people we have differences with, the world might be a better place. I believe I found such a tool

That tool is telling true stories to one another.  The simple art of telling a true story to someone listening to their true story by applying the rules of respect for others will be the start of true communication. It is an effective tool that will help bridge those polarized gaps.

At our Story Slams, stories are told by old and young alike.  You do not have to be an expert, just a person that has a story to share.  It is that sharing that makes the evening a special time of fun for everyone.

The beauty of such evenings and of storytelling itself is that the author is also part of the audience and more importantly the audience becomes part of the author.  It embraces the things we have in common and transcends all differences such as age, politics, race and sex.  It can even begin friendships.

I thank you for letting me share my joy of true storytelling.  It is my hope that you can be part of the fun and attend a story slam, perhaps tell a story.  Our next one is September 20th and the Theme is “Whoops”. We welcome you with open arms and hope to see you soon.


Dennis Boyne

Executive Director

Lehigh Valley Story Slam

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