Our September 21st Story Slam is “Transformation!”

Save the date and join us on Wednesday, September 21st for our “Transformation” Story Slam! Our Story Slam is being held at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar in historic Bethlehem, PA. Grab your tickets now by clicking HERE.

What does the theme “Transformation” stand for?

We want to hear your story of how you came to be the person you are. What was the most transformative moment in your life? Was your identity altered by an amazing opportunity or perhaps by a tragedy? Did you learn a truth about yourself at summer camp or while away on vacation? Did the death of a loved one alter your course in life? Maybe the birth of a loved one set you on an unexpected journey. Was there a moment you realized you just had to come out to your family? Perhaps you quit your job to follow your passion and have been transformed in the process. Transformations can happen in many different places – in Times Square, a Buddhist Monastery, on the Appalachian Trail, etc. Where did your transformation occur?

If you have not been to a Story Slam before you just may find it is transformative! Join us on Wednesday, September 21st.

Here is one of our favorite stories that would fit under the theme of Transformation.

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