Two Lehigh Valley Story Slams in October!

IMG_5750We have two Story Slams in October, which means you have two more opportunities to earn a slot in the Lehigh Valley Story Slam GRAND SLAM in November! Choose an October Slam, or plan on coming to both, and telling your best story.

If you haven’t been to a Story Slam yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Anyone who wants to tell a story puts their name in the hat. We pick out up to ten storytellers for the night. Each storyteller tells an approximately five-minute long story based on the theme of the night. Our judges determine the winner based on the criteria of content and presentation. While this is a competition, we don’t take that aspect too seriously, it is all in good fun. Don’t want to tell a story? That is totally fine because we love listeners also!

Here are our two dates and the venues for the October Story Slams. Please reserve your tickets so we have enough chairs ready!

Wednesday, October 21st – Spooky! Red Stag Pub, Bethlehem, PA. Reserve seats now! 

We want your spooky stories! Is your house haunted? Have you been lost in a graveyard? Tell us about the time you were scared nearly to death or frightened someone you love.

Tuesday, October 27th –  Perfect Moments! Third and Ferry Fish Market, Easton PA. Reserve Seats now!

What’s the perfect moment of bliss mean to you? Did you ever have events conspire to provide you an unexpected moment of pure joy? Perhaps you broke out in tears of joy at an unusual event. Perfect moments are rare but they do happen – often in the simplest instances.

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