Lehigh Valley Story Slam comes to Easton!

thirdandferryLehigh Valley Story Slam is holding a story slam in Easton, PA!

Our next story slam will be held on Tuesday, September 29th at Third and Ferry Fish Market in Easton, PA. The theme is “Fast Lane!” Tickets available here.

A Story Slam is an event where anyone can take the stage and tell a story! The story should be loosely based on the theme of the night, be approximately five minutes long, and be true as you remember it! Three judges are chosen from the audience and each storyteller is given scores based on content and presentation. We don’t take the competition part too seriously, it’s all about sharing diverse stories.

Check out a story told at one of our events in Bethlehem and then pick up your tickets for our September 29th event! We hope you will tell a story or just come out to listen!

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