Pamela Varkony Wins Our Unvelievable Story Slam!

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Pamela Varkony won our Unbelievable Story Slam with a story of revisiting her family home which had been taken by eminent domain years ago to become Lake Nockamixon State Park. Pamela took home the “tacky trophy” and earned a spot in our Grand Slam, which will take place in November.

The theme “Unbelievable” wound us through several amazing stories. We heard about trying to roll back a car odometer after driving a friend to a VD clinic and trying to stop a friend from harming themselves during a party gone out of control. We were treated to tales about personal encounters with Rick Springfield and Andrea Bocelli. We heard a story of losing one’s eyesight only to have it miraculously return eight years later. We heard about falling down a flight of stairs while both drunk and naked and we heard about the attempt to jump off a Hawaiian rock into the ocean.

Thanks to all our storytellers, our judges and especially the audience. We had a standing room only crowd tonight so we are putting general admission tickets for sale up right away for the next Story Slam, which is September 16th. Reserve your seat by clicking HERE.

Here is video of Pamela’s winning story. The rest of the stories from the night will be posted on the Lehigh Valley Story Slam YouTube Channel over the course of the day so check back.

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